This blogging lark started out on “Malc in the Burgh” when I worked at Holyrood and missed writing.  When I got fed up, Jeff, James and I started a new venture and Better Nation was born.  The latter is still going, with new editors on board, but for me it began to feel a bit like a chore.  Not because of the people, I hasten to add, but just because writing as part of a group there feels like there’s more pressure to write stuff, and I was too busy to give it my full attention.  And though I still have a thesis to finish, I missed writing about other things, the half hour considerations of the news etc.  So I decided to start afresh on my own.  And this is the result.

Thinking Unpopular Thoughts.  Which makes sense to me, since a lot of the time I end up on a side of political debate which tends not to be that popular.  And justified by the Plato quote underneath, arguing that just because something is a majority opinion doesn’t mean it is correct.  And abbreviated to TUT, which is probably what a lot of you will think when reading my thoughts…

I don’t know how frequent, or how good, the writing will be.  It may fizzle out, it may go with a bang, but I just wanted my own space again.  So – here it is.  Happy for you to comment, argue, debate and discuss.  Just don’t be mean.  Or call me names.


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