I know that I got it in the neck for criticising the SNP’s anti-sectarianism legislation, so this post itself won’t make many readers that happy.

I equally know that I won’t write about the legislation nearly as eloquently as Iain Macwhirter has done this morning (though I mightn’t exaggerate for effect quite as much as he has!).  Thus, this is almost a “for my views, see his” post.

I don’t see eye to eye with Mr Macwhirter on much, but on this bill his view is spot on, particularly this section here:

“This legislation is otiose, contradictory, authoritarian, subjective, illiberal, anti-democratic and contrary to internationally accepted definitions of basic human rights. It is threatening and offensive to freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of thought and to personal liberty. It hands discretionary powers to the police that are wholly inappropraite in any civilised society, effectively giving individual officers the power to deprive people of their liberty if they don’t like the way they are behaving.”

I commend his article to you.

He’s wrong about rugby though…