An extended radio silence on here has allowed me to finish up a couple of things I’ve been busy with.  My supervisor now has a draft of my thesis (which is a bit of a weight off my mind, even though it’s still a little way short of being completely done) and between us we’ve written a paper for the Political Studies Association Conference in April (which is online here, and is about the upcoming referendum, and so may be of interest to some of you).  Both of these things have been keeping me pretty busy since December.

If, like me, you now have a little time on your hands – and you like a bit of political geekery – I have a wee recommendation for you.  Head along to the Scottish Political Archive’s “Democracy for Scotland” Exhibition which is hosted by the Museum of Edinburgh until 24 April.  The exhibition itself includes a lot of material from the 1979 and 1997 referendum campaigns, as well as recordings of interviews from participants.  All good stuff – so try and head along while you can.  Just, you know, if you are interested in that kind of stuff.  And ‘cos it’s free…

Back to cold storage for this blog now.  Probably.