The State of the Parties – SNP


(I understand I said this would be up on Friday, but forgive me – things have been a little busier than I had planned).

The last in my series of posts on the state of the Scottish parties at Holyrood looks at the juggernaut that is the SNP.  I don’t know that there is any more to add to the post-May media avalanche of “how the hell did they do that?” which hasn’t already been said.  The party single-handedly re-wrote Scottish political history in one night, winning seats in places where they had never… (yes, okay – there’s a danger of falling into hyperbole here).  There really has been enough written about that night, suffice to note here that it was historic, likely unmatched and probably the most impressive electoral performance in Scottish history.  I’m not going to dispute that.

But since then – what have the party done?



The State of the Parties – Scottish Labour


It is probably quite unfair to consider the state of Scottish Labour while they are in the middle of a leadership election…  and yet it is partly because they are in such a situation that looking at the party is so interesting.  And the verdict – at least from this outsider – isn’t good.

Truth be told, I think the Scottish Labour Party are in a worse position than the Scottish Liberal Democrats.  And that’s saying something.

It might be saying something crazy, especially since a party which saw 41 MPs elected 18 months ago appears (on the surface at least) to be in a much healthier position than one which saw their representation at Holyrood reduced to just five.  But bear with me.


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